NAVIO2 RPi 3 Reboots when moving control surfaces

Hi @igor.vereninov and @george.staroselskiy - forgot to add one interesting test result.

The power module isn’t showing the correct voltage or current or battery percentage even when the ESC (and UBEC) is completely disconnected.

Considering this could you please give me some guidance as to the way forward. Happy to send you more photos or screenshots - whatever you need to assess more.

I’m building a prototype for an initial trial and overall am pretty happy with the NAVIO2 and will definitely build on the Pi/Navio2 platform once things move on from the prototype stage. But at the moment I’m stuck - a little worried to carry on in case it damages the Pi, or more importantly the NAVIO2.


Hi @emlid (@george.staroselskiy, @igor.vereninov),

Can you guys please provide me with an update on my queries regarding the power module (V and Amp reading issues) and the also your guidance on my test results/observations on the reboot issue?

At this stage I’ll have to provide an update to the project stakeholders, so if you guys could provide an update then that’ll really help me.


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