Navio2 Rover not an option

Hello, I am very new to everything (raspberry, apm,…)
after instaling apm deb file, APMrover2 and Plane are not present.
I can run and connect to ArduCopter-quad.

I have been looking to other post
but no APMrover2 in /opt/apm/bin/


any Idea?


These were not included, because Copter was a priority. We’ll release a new version of package later today with Plane and Rover included after the tests we’d been performing prove that everything’s alright.

@george.staroselskiy please include Plane ASAP :). Thanks!

Can’t wait :slight_smile:

Superb news. Spent a couple of hours today trying to get Plane to build!

@gelazanskas @Alexis @Mikebert4 the link in Navio2 docs now points to the updated deb package that contains all vehicles.

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