Navio2 ROS with ar-track-alvar

Hi! Has anyone managed to get the ar-track-alvar ROS package installed on their Navio2 (ros-kinetic-ar-track-alvar)? I am getting stuck with trying to install all its dependencies. I tried installing them manually but some child dependencies can’t be found. I also tried using “sudo apt-get install -f” right after trying to install the package to fix the dependencies, nothing installed after that. Tried also using aptitude but nothing… Finally tried using rosinstall but ended up getting “No ‘ros’ stack detected in candidates [].”

I have updated my RPi and am running ROS Kinetic. I am not sure if this is because of the Navio2’s ROS and just a ROS problem. Any insights would be really appreciated!

Hi there!

Thanks for the report. Sometimes it can be really hard to get all the dependencies in place. We’ll try to reproduce and get back to you.

Hi, @rom_ni!
Sorry for not replying for so long.
You can try to use this and this tutorials. rosinstall_generator is a very useful util.
You can install missing libraries using sudo apt-get install ...
Also you should create swapfile to successfully build ROS packages.
Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

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