NAVIO2 + ROS + USB camera

Hello, everyone.
I would like to see the camera image view using ros, NAVIO 2 and USB camera. I am trying to display the image of the USB camera installed in the drone on the master pc.
However, a problem occurred. I can not install ros-kinetic-usb-cam. I could not install another node (ros - kinetic - cv - camera) that captures images of the USB camera. The dependency seems to be broken.
ROS is preinstalled in navio 2, is it only for using mavros?

Thank you.

I’m looking into your issue

I confirmed that a USB camera worked.I put a memo here.
I put a memo here.
The camera node to install is “ucv_camera”. I was able to install this node. I can send the movie of the camera to other PC carrying out ROS. The command at that time adds -X to an option if you have access to ssh in NAVIO2.
ssh -X ~@*****

I hope that you understand my English.:sweat_smile:

Hi, could you share which USB camera you are using? I am building an autonomous vehicles using raspbery+Navio2+Pi camera, but it seems there is no existing package support for pi camera from ROS.

The USB camera is “BSW32KM04” of BUFFALO company.
I show the URL of this product.

This prosessing takes a long time to complete and becomes hot!
(It cannot carry a Heat sink…)

But, you seem to want to use the Pi camera.
I think that the USB camera is different from Pi camera
in dependence.
Autonomous control is difficult with Pi camera.
Because I gave up using the Pi camera.

If you want to use raspberry + Pi camera, Irecommend this “raspicam_node”.
Please try this.

Hi toyoda,

Could you show how did you managed to install the ucv_camera node on the Navio2 ROS? I met some dependencies issue.


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