Navio2 + Reach RTK


I jave a startup in the maritime/oil&gas field using UAVs and we’re investigating using the Navio2 as our autopilot.

I have question regarding the integration of RTK with Navio2 for precise UAV localization. Not sure this is the right place to place this question.

Can you point me to documentation on how to do this integration?

Sorry if this is a stupid question but I understand the RTK requires 2 GPS signals. Does the GPS in Navio2 count as 2nd signal or I need the RTk kit (2 reach) to work?


Here is our tutorial on integrating Reach with ArduPilot. Reach will work great with Navio 2.

The second receiver, usually known as base, needs to be stationary, so Navio’s GNSS can’t help you. You will need an RTK kit, or a mapping kit for this.

Thanks, Egor!

I should have looked at the docs more carefully. One last thing I haven’t found in the docs, but want to clarify. The telemetry radio in the drone needs to be plugged in via USB, right? Since the UART port is hooked to Reach. Or it communicates with the Navio2 directly?

I need the Reach RS as base and a Reach RTK as receiver onboard. Can I use a Reach RTK as base?

Sorry for the basic questions, I’m trying to get a proof of concept and cost estimation as fast as I can to move forward.

Thanks for the super fast reply. I had an awesome experience with the hardware + software so far. The cad files on GitHub were extremely helpful as well.

Thanks so much

Sorry for the delay we’ve just got back from Intergeo.

Well, you can use either. You can plug Reach into USB and radio into UART or vice versa.

You can, but you will need to provide it with power and a ground plane.

Hi @egor.fedorov thanks for the reply.

I decided to go ahead and try out the Reach RS (base) + Reach and Navio2 approach. I have it all setup for for now.
I’m having a bit of diffficulty with the GCS setup of Reach as second GPS but I’ll take that to the appropriate forum.

Thanks for your help

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