NavIO2 RCIO inputs and outputs

Hi @george.staroselskiy

Considering that we have 14 outputs pins on the NavIO2, and 1 as RC_Input, and all the 14 others either as a Servo_Out or Motor_Out, can you consider a way to reserve some of the other pins for other uses??

I’m thinking specifically on using one of those pins for a piezo buzzer. If this could be “configured” on the RCIO driver then adjusting ArduPilot would be easier.

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ps: any other “smart” workaround to get a buzzer working on ArduPilot with NavIO2 ?

There’s two spare GPIOs on Navio’s ports. Feel free to use them already (they are marked as IO17/18 on pinout)

We’re also rolling out a new feature in a couple of weeks that can enable GPIO capabilities on these 14 pins you just mentioned. There’s a working piece of code already, but this is not ready to be merged in master but can use some beta-testing. If you want, we can share the code in the beginning on the next week.

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