Navio2 - RCInput (ROS publish message frequency)

I would like to increase the /mavros/rc/in topic message publish frequency in ROS, is there a configuration change i can do in the mavros launch to set this or is this limited by the read from ardupilot ?

Also is there any overall documentation on how information (high level diagram) gets handed off between ardupilot and mavros.

Currently it publishes @1Hz

seq: 873
secs: 1518920452
nsecs: 555462160
frame_id: ''
rssi: 0
channels: [982, 1494, 1492, 1496, 982, 1494, 1494, 1494, 874, 874, 874, 874, 874, 874, 874, 874]

HI, @sundru!
Thanks a lot for your patience.

For change frequency use:
rosrun mavros mavsys rate --rc-channels XXX, where XXX - frequency from 1 to 10

This is great, thanks for a clear answer !

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