Navio2 Raspbian image - should have HotSpot configured

Suggestion for the Navio2 image.
Please configure and make available a hot-spot. ie… if wifi is available it will connect, otherwise, RPI3 will act as an hot-spot and I can connect to its wifi. This is just like any other drone.

this will be helpful. otherwise, I will have to manually do all the steps as in the below link:

while, it could be standard with the image and that would help and be consistent.

Also, after installing my new image from navio2, doing sudo apt-get update and dist-upgrade takes a long time and is updating lots of stuff. perhaps the 8gb sd-card might even get full. 90% usage. strange. but, I understand this is optional. but yet, wanted to mention here that it might not even be required to upgrade dist.

Just my 2 cents.