Navio2 ,raspberry help

good afternoon, I came here to ask for help for my Navio2.
I have a raspberry pi B, and a Navio2 control board.
I already downloaded the image,
I tried to follow the setup instructions but I don’t have much experience in linux I was unsuccessful, I was asking if any colleague has an image already mounted for Raspeberry with Quadcopter that could share with me already configured, thank you

mod edit: Three instances of “Ship2” were translated/edited to “Navio2” which is what I think was originally intended.


do you really have a Raspberry Pi B, meaning a Raspberry Pi “1” B?

Raspberry Pi 3 B, thank you

Hi @ct2hmr,

Have you managed to write our Raspbian image on your SD card?

Let’s try to understand on which step of this tutorial you faced an issue. I’ll guide you with detailed instructions.

Hi gleb.gira.
Thank you, I am very grateful for your availability, but I have managed to overcome my difficulties, but when you have some more questions I will ask you to guide me thanks.


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