Navio2 qgroundcontrol compass calibration

hi, geoff here.

I am new to radio controlled stuff, but i have a mechanical engineering background so i thought i could just jump into this drone thing and pick it up as i went along. How wrong i was. the language is enough to do anybodies head in, so i get right to the point.
i am trying to calibrate my nav2 with qgroundcontrol on debian 8.jessie .
the app says calibrating with wifi is unpredictable. please connect with direct usb. Does that mean that calibrating with wifi is impossible or, it can be done, but with unpredictable results, or the act of trying to calibrate will result in unpredictable behavior by the utility or app.
Thanx in advance. but i am waiting for a usb to ttl or uart to fdti cable
whatever so i can try a direct to usb whatever that means.
If i connect this cable to my pooter will qgroundcontrol get a handle on the data ???.
please help…


The calibration seems to be broken in QGC, please raise the issue here:

There is no real reason why it should not work over Wi-Fi as it does work that way in MissionPlanner and APM Planner.

Note this similar issue and the logs submitted