Has anyone used Navio2 with px4 flight stack and also used mavros to publish the messages? If so, can you help me out with figuring few things?

  1. (Navio2 + Raspberry pi) -> act as both companion computer and autopilot. Right?
  2. Is mavros run on the companion computer to communicate with the autopilot?
  3. If so, how do we use mavros with (Navio2+Raspberry pi)? In this link, a typical setup involves a UART adapter between Autopilot and Companion computer. How do we use mavros for (Navio2+Rpi) combination?


Hi Prasanth,

Navio2 is an add-on board to RPi, so the autopilot is a Navio2 with RPi combination. It also means you don’t need mavros to make possible communication between Navio2 and RPi, it’s already implemented, so all you need is to attach Navio2 to RPi. After that, you can easily run the autopilot using this guide.

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Thank you for the reply. Yep, I got both ardupilot and px4 working using the available tutorials. However, my major goal is access the drone information (like Attitude, etc) and also send information (like setpoint etc) using ROS messages.

  1. Can I use RPi for this purpose by using local host as my udp address, something like,
    roslaunch mavros px4.launch fcu_url:=udp://:14540@localhost:14557



Have you tried to follow this guide? It helps you to start with ROS on Navio2.

By the way, there is a rostopic tool that allows you to get information about some ROS topics. I’m not sure about what exactly you can get using this tool, however, it is possible it can help you to access drone data you need.

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