Navio2 PWM Requires Constant Refresh

I am writing my own flight software and I was testing the PWM example code provided and noticed that the PWM needs to be continuously refreshed (call to set Duty cycle) in order for the PWM to stay running. Is this normal / expected, I would expect the PWM would just continue running? Also is there a PWM disable method, to stop the PWM all together. There is an enable method in the driver example, but no disable.

It looks like the PWM stays active for 600ms and then goes low and stays low. I am only testing on Channel 1 currently.

This is a safety feature.

Not sure I understand how this is a safety feature, killing the PWMs mid flight would mean a quad could fall on someone. In any case I can live with it if this is the way it works.

Also that link does not seem to work. Seems pages either doesn’t exist or it is private.

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