Navio2 PWM output

Hello iam currently building a drone with the Navio2, iam having troubles turning on the motors. I have Maytech 45 A BEC SimonK ECS and Emax – RSII 2306 motors, in the datasheet for the ESC it says the default PWM input is 8Khz which makes me believe it is incompatible with the Navio2 if im not entirely wrong here. Is the Navio2 output limited or is there a way to make the ECS work with the navio2.
I have currently tried to modify the script in order to make it start the engines but to no luck.
I tried hooking the ESC to my arduino this works it turns on the motors just fine.
I tried reconnection everything to no help.
Should i simply cut my loss and buy new motors and ECS?

Here is a quick schematic of the drone aswell.

I would guess 8kHz is the frequency at which the transistors are switched to drive the motor, not the PWM input frequency. The input frequency is normally between 50-500Hz and the Navio2 can provide these frequencies.

Thanks for the reply, but why didn’t the engines start when i tried the

It has been a long time since I last looked at the python examples. Most times the problem is sending a low enough (below 1000us) to get the ESCs to arm. You must also make sure, that ardupilot is not running while you try to use the python examples.

Hi @marcuspresakald,

This example is designed to control a servo, not ESC with a motor.
You can try the script from here:

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