NAVIO2 PWM Output Rates

Using the supplied drivers, can the pwm period for each channel be set independently, or are there banks of channels that need to be set together?

I don’t know if my code is correct or not, but I only get correct output periods when all channels are set to the same period between 50 and 400 Hz. I’ve verified this via a logic analyzer.

This is my last issue to resolve in porting the dRonin flight firmware to the RPi/Navio2 stack before it is flight worthy.

Thanks in advance.

I wrote a small program to test the PWM outputs using the supplied NAVIO2 drivers. What I’m seeing is the last channel I write the output frequency to, is what all the channels output at. For example, I write channel 0 to 50 Hz, 1, to 270 Hz, 2 to 330 Hz, and 3 to 400 Hz. Then channels 0 thru 3 output at 400 Hz.

Is this the expected behavior, do I have outdated drivers? My kernel is the one dated 20170223.

Hello, John!

Thank you for the very specific question.

At the moment the firmware supports setting distinct independent frequencies on channels 1-8 and 9-14.

So, this is indeed the expected behavior.

This is an oldie. I hope you can upgrade to the newer image.

Actually I mis-typed the response, my kernel is 20170323. Is there any newer?

Next PWM question - what is the circuitry between the STM32F1 processor and the PWM pins? I have some ESCs that refuse to work with the NAVIO2 PWM outputs, yet they work fine on my other STM32FXX flight control boards. It’s not the ESC calibration, as they are calibrated identically to the others that work according to the Bl Heli tool. And it’s not the particular PWM output either, as a different ESC swapped in for one that’s not working works fine. I’ve also tested it at 50 and 400 Hz update rates, same issue.


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