Navio2 - Protocol used on UART pinout

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I need to display telemetry data of the Navio2 on a tablet (with QGC) only by passing them through radio link.

1) What is the protocol of data coming out from UART pinout (of the NAVIO2) ? Is it MAVLink ?
1b) If not, how to configure pinout to provide telemetry data in MAVLink protocol ?

Well this topic is because I can’t find what I am looking for, so this is my last resort…
Thanks in advance for your precious help !

Here is a diagram of my system :

Question. Is this your first time with crossfire and ardupilot?

It is Mavlink. What version of the TBS Xfire do you have. If you have the one with Bluetooth you can connect your Tablet to the Xfire bluetooth.

Refer to you TBS crossifre manual for a detailed explonation on this.

Hi Max,

Sorry for the delayed response!

As Barry has already pointed out, the protocol used is MAVLink. You can read more about it this ArduPilot guide.

Regarding the integration with the hardware, could you please elaborate on what you’re trying to accomplish? Please note that the passthrough feature isn’t supported on Navio2 right out of the box.

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