Navio2 Power supply problem with 4 servos

emlid-raspbian-20170323 / px4

I have a power supply problem with my quad setup. I use a DC 14-25V 60A BSC together with the power module from emlid shop and a 4cell battery. The navio2 is connected with 1ESC and 4 Servos. Now, if I send a control command (PWM MIN to MAX) to all of the servos at the same time, RPi2 crash and reboot. (motor is disconnected)
If I connect in contrast the RPi2 with a separate 5V power supply everything is working fine. I use also the XT60 connectors.

My guess is, that if such a command is send, the RPi doesn’t get enough current. Do I have to change the connector to XT90?

Navio2 Connection: RC, ESC, _ , Servo1, Servo2, Servo3, Servo4

Can you post a pic of connections?

Is anything connected to the PPM/SB input except for the receiver? Is anything plugged in the receiver?

The PPM input is only used for the receiver ( R615X )