Navio2 Power Module Overvoltage


I am currently having some issues with the provided Navio2 Power Module.
More details are below:

Hardware Components:

  • Navio2
  • Navio2 Power Module
  • 4S Lipo Battery

Hardware Setup:

  • Power Module connected to Navio2 and 4-1 ESC
  • Battery connected to Power Module
  • See first three images below for Power Module connection

Expected Behaviour

  • Navio2 and Raspberry Pi gets power from battery and boots normally
  • Power Module should provide 5.2V to Navio2

Observed Behaviour:

  • Navio2 and Raspberry Pi do not get power
  • Power Module provides voltage exceeding 5.2V (See below for more details)

Debugging Done:

  • When Raspberry Pi is powered through USB, Navio2 functions as normal
  • When Raspberry Pi is powered through USB, and battery is connected to the Power Module to provide power to ESCs, all motors function normally
  • Measuring voltage across Power Module:
    • Voltage across power wires from Power Module to ESC = 15.31V
    • Measuring 6-pin power cable connecting to Navio2, with red wire (wire 1) as reference voltage:
      • Wire 1 to Wire 2: 0V
      • Wire 1 to Wire 3: 5.946V
      • Wire 1 to Wire 4: 4.537V
      • Wire 1 to Wire 5: 5.964V
      • Wire 1 to Wire 6: 5.964V

Potential Cause

  • During the first connection of the battery to the Power Module, a pop and magic smoke was released
  • Subsequent connections of the battery have no such issue, with no change in configuration and is the same as the current configuration
  • Source of smoke has not been determined yet, but may be from the improper soldering of the electrolyte capacitor’s polarity on the ESC
  • Functionality of the Navio2 is identical before and after this occurrence
  • Power Module does not seem damaged aside from some potentially unrelated oxidation on the solder joints
    • Close up images included below

If anyone is able to shed some light onto as to whether the Power Module is functioning correctly or not, or what other potential causes are as to why the Navio2 is not getting power, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Hi John,

I appreciate you taking the time to describe everything in such detail! It always makes our job easier. Let me check a couple of things first. I’ll be back with the news soon.

Hi John,

I’ve messaged you in the PMs. I need to ask you about some sensitive info so it’s better to share it in a private chat.