Navio2 power module max current

I want to use the Navio2 power module to connect my 4S battery to my PDB and the Navio2/Pi. On the store page, it says that the power module can sense up to 60A if the TX60 connector is used. My understanding is that the TX60 connector can handle up to 150A of peak current for around 10 seconds, so can the power module handle that too? In other words, if my drone pulls a combined 100A peak current, will the power module work fine but not be able to measure the amount of current or will it simply burn.

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The last information I have is, that the powermodule is rated for 90A, but with 5V reference voltage. Since the Navio2 ADC is only 3.3V, the actual max current is 60A.

So does that mean I can’t use the power module if the peak current my drone draws is higher than 60A? If no, then how else should I power the navio/pi?

Mauch electronics builds high current power modules for example.

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Thanks for your reply. What I didn’t understand was that the store page says that the power module can work up to 90A if the connector is different. This seems to imply that the limiting factor isn’t the power module itself and the connector, right? So if I use a TX90 connector will it work with 90A? Lastly, what if I power the pi with the power module. As far as I know, the raspberry pi has a 5V input. Will I be able to pass 90A then?

From experience:

XT60 is 60Amp certified, XT90 is 90Amp capable.

If you need more than 60Amp peak use, you can change to XT90 plugs, if you intend to fly with more than 60 amp Mauch power module is a better option.

My average Amp with a 12 pounds X8 is 40 Amp… (kv 370 motors, 15" propellers, 6S battery)

So the power module itself has no issues with 90A and it only depends on the connector?

As advertised:

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