Navio2 power failure

Hello folks.
I’m having trouble powering Navio2 after it crash landed.

  1. There’s no 5V on servo rail anymore
  2. If I use 3A 5V BEC and feed it to servo rail, it starts to boot, but restarts at certain point.
  3. If I use 2A power module with 4S lipo, it boots, but I think there’s not enough power. I’m using 4G usb dongle for communication and sometimes it connects and sometimes not. If I add C920 usb camera, then certainly not.

I tried feeding 3A BEC output to power connector and the effect is same as #2 - reboot loop, even without any usb devices.

I think there’s something wrong with onboard power distributing circuit…

To have 5 volts on the servo rail (except on the sBus/PPM receiver plug) you have to supply power with a BEC.

Do you have any successful boot when powering Rpi from microUsb plug. (at home I do that with a 3A power bank). Unplug the Emlid Power adapter before.

If Rpi with Navio boot is OK, plug other accessories and try to isolate the bad one (if there is one).

On a crash, I broke my Navio power module - one chip was torn.


Hi @Vootele,

Did you successfully power your Navio2 with @mlebret advice?
Or is it a hardware issue after crashing and you need to replace any parts?

What I found so far:
Powering through power port or servo rail makes the boot process unstable. It boots without 4G dongle and USB camera. Adding one of those makes it 50:50 successful. With both devices attached it goes into boot loop.

The only way right now working is to use Raspberry power port. I soldered direct wires from power port to usb power rail, because of 4G dongle power needs.

Funny thing, if I connect this to servo rail in parallel, it doesn’t boot anymore, so there’s something wrong with servo rail. Son now I just use pwm outputs from servo rail and leave 5V unonnected. Instead I connected 5V from ESC to power servos.

Hi @Vootele,

I can say that it’s not a normal situation. Something is damaged and causes such behavior.
We’d recommend carefully double-checking everything before taking off again.

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