NAVIO2 Position hold doesn't stay in the same altitude

I am using my navio2 with RP3B and Arducopter 3.6.5.

Everything works fine, and when switching to Position Hold, the quad doesn’t stay still in the same altitude, if flies up and down all the time, and I have to control the throttle all the time if I want it to stay in the same altitude.

Is that something normal given the sensors? I would expect the drone to stay in the same position including the altitude.

I hope you can help.


Hi @axon,

Sorry for the delayed response!

May I ask you to share the photos of your setup?


No worries, here I share some pictures and a video:

Hi @axon,

Thanks for the photos and the video!

Would you mind sharing the dataflash logs from the Mission Planner?

Also, may I ask you if you calibrated your ESCs? You can check this ArduPilot guide to find out how to do so.

Hi @polina.buriak,

thanks for the help. The ESCs were calibrated, otherwise I guess it would be flying all around, and not only up and down. I guess the problem was the barometer, I posted the same question with the answer in the ArduPilot forum:

Here a video:


Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for sharing the video!

It seems like the drift now is pretty normal. Do I understand correctly that the issue was caused by closing the vents of the barometer’s chip?

Hi Polina,

yes, the issue was apparently caused by closing the vents of the barometer.


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