Navio2 Poshold / althold vs Pixhawk & Pixhawk 2.1 Cube

Hi Jeddiah,

We’ve looked through your log and found that the load between motors have reduced, this is good.

Regarding further improvement: have you configured PID? If yes, have you run through Autotune procedure without issues?

Also, you’ve mentioned uncommonly high changes in the magnetic field detected by the onboard compass. I also noticed that in your log. Compass readings are highly dependant on throttle. Your motors are creating interference. Have you tried running through compass compensation? This could lower the effect.

Hi Mikhail, thanks for the update. I can try with another brand of motors and see if it makes any difference. Maybe there is something about the Navio2 that makes its compass more sensitive to these motors than the Pixhawk is.
I’ve never had to do the PID tuning or the motor compensation with the other flight controllers before, but I can certainly try on the Navio2 and will report back if it makes any noticable difference.

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