Navio2 - Pinout I2C port


I have a Navio2 and a older Px4flow.
When I connected the Px4Flow, but I can see the red wire (5v) is opposite of the diagram the one Navio (non-2) or the position of other red wires of other ports (serial, power, etc).

Also, I was checking a Navios diagram (I did not find diagram of Navio2).

I did not power on it yet, waiting to be sure that it is OK, or I should change the polarity of the wires.

Somebody know it?
where can I find a diagram ports of Navio2?


Just look under the board. All connectors are labelled. :smile:

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Thank you very much!

I can confirm that my old px4flow wire is wrong!!
Fortunately both mouths are reversed and not affected me.

JPG Esquerdo

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