NAVIO2 PIN 17 18 trigger voltage


I use the version 3.8 of arduplane
Since severals weeks i am block to control pin 17 or 18.
Before, i can trigger my canon dslr in this pin port with trigger on relay, pin 17 etc… in mission planner.

Now, i can’t trigger with this same configuration, i connect a led on the uart cable ground and yellow or green cable for pin17 and 18 and i see that the led is lightnning by 4.7v

is it normal?
if i need to trigger on pin 17 or 18, i will not have power when i don’t trigger it, no?
how can i test my pin port to see everything good with navio?

Thanks a lot for your help


Hi, could you post your setting for GPIO set in Mission Planner.


Thanks for your help

When you talk about GPIO it’s the relay pin config in mission planner ?

i upload screenshot of config :



Looks ok. I`ll check with my setting and if there is voltage output on the pins.

Cool thanks you

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