Navio2 + OpenCV + Tensorflow on Pi 3

Hey All,

I’m finding it impossible to get openCV on the EmlidRaspbian Image… I tried adding a GUI Raspbian but it got messy and I just had to restart,. Tried a few tutorials for installing openCV on Pi3 but always end up with lots of build errors…

I hate to ask for a tutorial… but :smiley:

Also I’m planning on buying the Neural Compute Stick Movidus… I notice it has its own sdk and Computer Vision lib… will I run into a problem installing the stick with Navio2 as well?

Always bitting off more than i can chew :slight_smile: But it tastes good when you get it swallowed… ummmm ya :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @sam.thibodeau,

We don’t have tutorials describing OpenCV installation on Emlid Raspbian in our docs. However, the process shouldn’t differ a lot from installation on any Raspbian Stretch.

We didn’t test it with Navio2, however, it seems it should work.

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