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Navio2 on Jet Model

(Andersson Beccari) #1

Hi Guys.

Cordially, Andersson

(Mr337) #2

Come on, you can’t strap a jet engine to a UAV, show us a teaser video and provide NO specs!!! :smiley:

How long on a single fuel tank, range, min and max speed for flight, troubles and more pics plz!!!

(Andersson Beccari) #3


(JTW) #4

I would of thought 3L of fuel would get you more then 10 minutes of flight. I guess the fuel consumption doesn’t scale down very well for turbine’s. on the other hand commercial jetliners are carrying thousands of pounds of fuel. I would of guessed hour+ long endurance on 3L.

(Daniel Frenzel) #5

Impressive. Can you post some more details about the model and maybe photos.

(Andersson Beccari) #6

I know it

(Dmitriy Ershov) #7

Now it should work for you

(Andersson Beccari) #8

You cna see

(Andersson Beccari) #9