Navio2 offboard control

Hi there, I’m not so late bought Navio2 and build my firs quadcopter, then I imlemented an image recognition in it and try to create my own programm to fallowig some detected object. How is it works? My image recognition programm recognise some person when I mark it by clicking on it and quadcopter start to fallow the person keeping some distance which I calculate using the frame size of detected object. To control quad I have used ROS and mavros. Is seems that all is work good, but to control quad I have used rc_override and I know that is a bad way. I want some advice how to do it correct, in right way, how to control pitch, roll and yaw of quad and have quick shift from offboard control to manual rc control.
P.S. I don’t use GPS
Thanks in advance.

Hi Hovhannes,

Sorry for the delayed response!

Unfortunately, we don’t have the ready solution for your application. Hopefully our users will share their experience on such configuration with you.

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