Navio2 odroid c1+/c0/xu4

with navio2 using a co processor to handle rc input does this mean it will be compatible with the odroid c1+? If so that would mean it could also be possibly compatible with the odroid xu4 and the shifter shield.

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Also with that being said the odroid c0 is soon to be released and that would be a great addition to navio as it is smaller while still being powerful unlike the pizero.

Possibly, but the main work is supporting the software. We still think that Odroid is not any near as polished as Raspberry Pi and performance gain between Rpi2 and C1+ is insignificant.

If you’d like to try porting to Odroid, our examples as well as APM port are open-source.

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between the pi2 and c1+ it would be negligible at this point but with the xu4 having 8 cores and 2gb of ram it sounds like a winner.