Navio2 ms5611 failed

Brand new navio2 is reporting the ms5611 has failed during test after the initial boot up of the raspberry pi and execution of the emlidtool.

I see several discussions about this in the forums, and am wondering if there is any possibility other than a failed component on the board. What is the state of knowledge of this particular issue at this time?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, I should have mentioned that I have downloaded the SD image and am using it. Nothing else has been connected to the navio2 board and no other software, although on initial boot up there was a message indicated the firmware was out of date and I updated it through the emlidtool app.

Hi @fishingpilot,

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Could you please share the screenshots of the issue arising? It’d be also great if you could post the pics of the board.

Please run the Barometer example from our docs and share the output. It’ll help us to check the status of the component.

Hello - thanks for responding. I have run the barometer example, and it appears to be generating appropriate readings, based on my location and elevation, and temperature.

I saw a reference elsewhere that the diagnostic built into the emlidtool may be too sensitive and reporting failures even though the part is responding correctly. That seems to be the case here - does that make sense?

Hi @fishingpilot,

Thanks for your patience!

Could you please cover the barometer with the foam and run the emlidtool once again? This coverage should protect the sensitive barometer from the UV beams.

In case of the fail again, please attach the screenshot of the issue to the post. It will help us to understand the issue better.

It’d be also great to see the pictures of your hardware setup. Please double-check if the Navio2 is firmly attached to the Raspberry board with screws. The loose connection may as well be the reason for the test failure.

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