Navio2 LSM issues and recommended GPS antenna

Three questions,

  • The MPU magnometer sensor is giving me all zero values while the LSM seems to be working fine, any tips? After using a magnet to check the orientation of the sensors it seems that they do not conform to the righthand rule. It looks like positive x is towards the ethernet port, positive y is towards the hdmi port, and positive z is up. Is this correct?

  • I am calibrating the magnomters (LSM and MPU) and I need to know what the reference low and high are of these sensors. I am assuming its -1500 to 1500, is this correct?

  • And is the GPS antenna you sell unique? I would like get one with a longer antenna, can I buy a different antenna with a longer cable (to be mounted on top of a car), or should I just purchase a longer cable?

I also need to speed up the GPS readings. Do you have recommended Values to reliably get the maximum amount of readings per second? And what should I be changing to increase the speed?

IE Baud rate, time out, solution rate?


Hi @ross.cutts,

Did you check it with the examples from our docs? Could you please provide me with examples’ outputs?

The default sensors’ axis orientation is X forward, Y right, and Z up. For example, if you calibrate the compass in Mission Planner, you should set the compass_orient parameter to zero.

Could you please clarify how you calibrate the magnetometers? Do you use Mission Planner for this?

Navio2 uses the u-blox NEO-M8N GNSS chip. It has the following recommendations for an active antenna:

  • Minimum gain: 15 dB (to compensate the signal loss in RF cable)
  • Maximum gain: 30 dB
  • Maximum noise figure: 1.5 dB

You can learn more from the NEO-M8 datasheet (section 1.16).

I also need to speed up the GPS readings

Could you clarify whether you want to use an external GPS?

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