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NAVIO2 logging params (LOG_BACKEND_TYPE)

(Vladimir Pozniy) #1

I’m trying to understand why I get the “Bad Logging” error in Mission Planner. I’ve been playing with log Parameters.

What is the correct LOG_BACKEND_TYPE for Navio2?

(Marc Lebret) #2

Hello and welcome,

Navio is quite SDCard quality sensitive. I have the best success with Sandisk Ultra class10.

Backend type is File,

You can also enable “StopLogging when disarm”.

Regarding the Power plug , I use a large flat phone tool and twist it between the two parts of the plug. When the first 1,5mm are free it is easy to remove it. If you do not need to remove it, stay the plug in place.


(Vladimir Pozniy) #3

Thank you, Marc. My SD card is high quality.Class 10 I believe.
Can you elaborate on the “phone tool” ? What is it?

(Marc Lebret) #5

I use the black one on the right side: It is like a flat screw driver blade made of high density plastic.

(Vladimir Pozniy) #6

Done the same with paper knife.

(Dmitriy Ershov) #8