NAVIO2 IMU max sampling rate

Hi all,

I am accessing the NAVIO2 IMU (mpu9250) from Python. I was wondering what the max sampling rate of that sensor is and how it could be set from Python.

I know that there is a possibility to pass a sampling rate divider and low pass filter values in the initialize() function of the IMU. However a little bit help in better understanding the function of those parameters would be greatly appreciated.

For instance, how would I initialize the IMU for the maximum sampling rate?

Thanks a lot.


I think these are possible framerates (from the datasheet of mpu9250)

Well I’ve been trying to set them doing: imu.initialize(1, 0x07) for example.
But it gives always the same rate. I am still searching for a solution. what about you?

Hi @sarraelhadj25,

Thanks for the reply. I haven’t tried it yet, I was waiting for an official reply. I guess I’ll give it a go when I get some time and see how it turns out.

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