Navio2 image Questions

I’ve just got into trying out the Navio2 and although my knowledge of a raspberry PI is limited I do know my way round.

Anyway my question.

With the resent release of the revised rpi / navio2 image I’m finding it rather dificult to set up and a bit confused.

I don’t want to be doing anything to the image so was expecting that the img file to include 1) APM 2) Mavlink 3) 3DR telemetry support, all pre installed.

So as for as I can see the image only contains kernels or kernel for the navio2 board but no the essential components.

I’m also finding it odd that a traditional rpi with rasping supports an apple keyboard, the stock rpi wifi dongle along with a mouse. But this image does none.

So, coming to the conclusion that this is just basically an empty image I then go on to run the instalation commands for APM

Do I realy have to download APM and everything else to make this image work?

Anyway I start with wget ‘’ -O apm-navio2.deb and it appears to download the repository.

Then I run

sudo dpkg -i apm-navio2.deb which comes up with an error now I’m stuck.

I’ve spent a very frustrating weekend doing this and by no means is it easy to setup just to get it talking to the Mission planner.

Rpi 2 B

Any help or detailed video welcome. But am I right or wrong that the image has no real content. Oh does it even have rtklib?

We have been mostly focused on main functionality e.g. proper work of APM on Navio2, additional configuration to make the image more user friendly will come a little bit later.
Currently all you need to do is write the image and install APM deb package, MAVLINK and 3DR telemetry support aren’t the things you need to install.
Please provide an error output so we can you help you solve the issue.