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Navio2 Hexacopter

(Lucas Genzelis) #21

Awesome! Thanks a lot!!


finally i had time to do a battery flight test, maximum flight time. ecalc gives me a flight time of 21min and 85%
battery capacity. Im using a 6S 7000mAh LiPo. Guess what 21min airtime and used up 5500mAh, thats about 80% of my charge (recharge capacity was 5400mAh so pretty close). Very happy about that. My power/time calculations are correct :wink:
On the down side i cannot use my navio2 at the moment. from 4 flights i got 2 crashes. just mid air switch off, twice, flies like a brick without power i can tell you, not nice at all. casualties one cfk-tube, the protective cage (did it job well :wink: ) and the GPS tower, so not to bad. GPS tower is scrapped now, mounted it directly on one of the arms, the rest is repaired.
The culprit seems to be the navio/rpi3 (either or both, hardware or software i cant tell)
Using an “old” apm2.8 as flightctrl now. no problems at all.
Ill do an other 3-4 testflight like that in the next weeks and then ill decide what to do.

an other remark: the power readings from the power-module (no matter if connected to apm or navio) are completely bogus, even if calibrated as suggested. Dont rely on them, even the voltage is off, and its not linear, so the calibration factor does not help. If you have the need of monitoring your battery capacity you should look into other options.
well not a surprise for me here, but i thought i might mention it.


due to my lack of free time ive to abandon my navio2 project, was fun so far and flies pretty stable, its a bit of a pity but i decided to use a different FC for now.


for those who are interested. i got its stable working with a pixhawk now and made a few additions

Feiyu-tech 3D brushless gimbal (Mini 3D Pro)
3D printed mount for the gimbal with quick release (my own design, its attached to my Lipo cage)
Tarot landing gear (e.g. http://www.ebay.de/itm/Elektrisches-Landegestell-Control-System-fur-Tarot-650-680-690-Copters-TL65B43-/282264626433)
5.8GHz video downlink of course :wink:


in case anyone is interested my hexacopter is for sale on ebay, including Fatshark dominator 3 and Gopro Hero 4 Black
moving on to a different project :wink: