Navio2 - Hardware Connection map

Hi, i looking for Navio2 Connection Map like this one (which Navio docs have).

Can you update this for the Navio2 Hardware setup section ?



Good idea, we will add that.

Navio2 have better design than Navio+, but its documents doesn’t.
I check the git every day for updates.
I expecting the Navio2’s documents will have more details, at least as Navio/Navio+ does.


Here is the connection map.

How about the STM32 ? Which peripheral it connected to? ADS1115 chip ?
As i can see, the STM32 connected to RPI2 via SPI1, so the ADC & PWM driver is just a modified SPI driver, right ?

You should update STM32 pinout & better have a block diagram for the whole system. To make sense with this good hardware.


No. STM32 has internal ADC and PPM decoding, it also outputs PWM. It is connected over SPI and pushes all data to a custom kernel module, which gives easy access to all readings through sysfs.