Navio2 Future plans

So what are your plans for your remaing flight controller.

Are you going to keep on just manufacturing the same Navio2 boards or are you going to wait for stocks to be sold out and then only concentrate on RTK development?

It seems that you are not really interested in future Navio developement??

Hi Barry,

We keep manufacturing and supporting Navio2. In the meantime, there are no plans on ceasing Navio2 production.

Are there far off plans to improve the Navio2? By the way I saw that Emlid wrote in the changelogs of the new rpi 4 image that simply said that you corrected the servo rail voltage. What does that mean? What was wrong with the servo voltage that had to be corrected?

Lol this seems to be a hard question to answer,:grin:

Hi Barry,

At the moment, we can’t provide any info on this question, I’m afraid.

The servo rail voltage was displayed in the wrong way. It was only an indication issue that didn’t affect the Navio2 performance somehow. This issue was reported by the users in these threads: 1, 2.

OH ok so it was the issue i had also complained about that you and Marc tried to help me with. Thanks

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