Navio2 flashing yellow and constant beeping

I am currently building a drone that has never flown before. I have set everything up on mission planner, even though I am planning on running python scripts to fly it. When I powered it on in the past, the motors would beep once a second and twitch. Now, out of nowhere, the navio2 flashes yellow and beeps uncontrollably and the motors will not stop twitching constantly. The battery is at full power. The fast beeping only occurs after the red and blue cyclic flashing occurs. The navio displays a green light for the first few seconds after being turned on. As a drone newby, who sort of put this together on the fly, where do I start with errors? I have disabled the radio pre arm check.

Hi @cole.stradtmann

Can you try calibrating the ESC according to the checklist from this guide?

May I also ask you to post your hardware setup photos?

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