Navio2 Firmware Source Code

Hello guys,

I realized from previous questions that the firmware source code of the Navio2 board wasn’t released. In fact, there is an ongoing work to release the source code, but there is no eta.

My question is bit different. Since we have no access to what the Navio2 board is doing, can anyone disclose, in a general way, what the processor is doing?

For what I figured, maybe it is just providing Pi access to the sensors, servos, etc. I just want to know if the processor is doing some kind of data processing or implementing algorithms.

I want to use Navio2 with an FPGA (replacing block by block what the Pi is doing). For that I needed to know in fact what is happening in Navio2.

Thanks for the attention.

@anon87507504 Hi!

This information has always been open (and discussed on the forum a few times). STM32 co-processor is used simply as a peripheral extender and provides Raspberry Pi with PWM outputs, ADC and PPM inputs. It does not run any algorithms and does not work with sensors at all.

All work with sensors is done by the Raspberry Pi itself, they are connected directly to it. Some information is available in the docs./

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