NAVIO2 ESC Calibration problem


I am trying to calibrate my ESC type (one shot) on mission planner (V1.3.75). I downloaded ardurover firmware (V4.0.0) to my Raspberry Pi 4, however when I try to calibrate my ESCs (all at once) my ESCs don’t beep. I also get an error message if I try to calibrate my ESCs on mission planner in SETUP-ESC CALIBRATION. The error message is: “set param error. Please ensure your version is AC3.3”. I don’t understand why I got an error message from arducopter knowing that I installed ardurover 4.0.0. I also set BRD_SAFETYOPTION to 0, and ARMING_REQUIRE to 0.

Can someone help me Please?

Hi Mikel,

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Navio2 can work only with the PWM protocol for controlling ESCs. It doesn’t support the OneShot protocol. This is the reason why you faced the issues with the calibration. The only solution here is to use other ESCs with the autopilot.

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