Navio2 Error "Seems like you booted without Navio properally screwed"

I am totally new to building a drone, but I started working on constructing one with a Navio2 connected to the raspberry pi 3. Everything was working great: the navio light lit up, I could start ardupilot, and connect to it through Qgroundcontrol and set up the sensor and motors that I had connected with no problems.

There was then a short in the circuit that I had connected to the Navio2 (the two battery leads connected bc of bad soldering, but I didn’t think it was a big deal bc I had a smoke-stopper connected and immediately disconnected the battery). I also may have unscrewed the navio2 and then reconnected it (I was checking that the raspberry pi was a model three for something else… I don’t totally remember if this was before or after the problem started though).

At some point after both these event, I stopped being able to start ardupilot and started to get the error message “Seems like you booted without Navio properly screwed”

I rescrewed everything and then saw on another question in this forum to check that the screw made solid contact with the gold circle. So i added screws on the bottom too, but the same error still popped up.

The raspberry pi works perfectly and is receiving power through the Navio2, so they must be connected. But the light on the navio is not turning on and I cannot start arduopilot.

Hi Amelia,

Thanks for your patience and for the detailed explanation of the issue!

It looks like the accident might have damaged the board. May I ask you to run some of the examples (for instance, the Barometer one) to see if there’s any response from the board?

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