Navio2 erratic behavior and communication loss

I am using navio2 on hexacopter, I read all instructions from emlid docs and did everything accordingly. I also setup UART to get telemetry with my TBS crossfire using MAVLINK. I am facing some following issues, please help accordingly.

  1. I chose three modes, stabilized, loiter and RTL. During first flight, initially it worked fine, every mode worked very fine. But after about 10 minutes of flight it started flying in erratic movement(i was in loiter mode). After changing battery again it worked fine for about 5 minutes(i am using lipo 3s,4000mah) it started flying in circle.
  2. By TBS crossfire I am using mission planner in laptop via mavlink bluetooth, initially it get connected with navio2 but after 4 to 5 minutes it get disconnected.


  1. It may be a good idea to take a look at the flight logs and check them for vibration.
  2. Does it disconnect from the laptop of from the Navio?
  1. cant get loggs as it showing bad logging error( i am using class 10, 16gb sd card).
  2. Yes from mission planner, sometime its works perfectly until battery get fully discharged but it sometime it disconnects and i have to connect that again.

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