Navio2 EKF3 Lane Detection Issue on Ardupilot

'm facing a rather perplexing problem with my Navio2 setup running Ardupilot, particularly related to EKF3 and lane detection. I’ve scoured the forums and documentation but haven’t found a solution yet, so I’m reaching out to the community for help.Here’s the issue I’m experiencing: Find your traffic ticket with our efficient search tool. Njmc direct-project website

  1. Hardware: I’m using a Navio2 autopilot board on a quadcopter frame. The vehicle is equipped with a camera for lane detection.
  2. Software: I have configured my Ardupilot system to use EKF3 as the estimation filter.
  3. Problem Description: When I enable lane detection, the vehicle’s attitude and position estimations start to behave erratically. It seems like the lane detection feature is interfering with EKF3’s performance.
    Give any guidance on how to resolve this issue.

Hi @StellaJonas,

I can hardly give any recommendations since we didn’t test a configuration with EKF3. But maybe you can find some useful information on the ArduPilot forum since a lot of experienced users share their thoughts there.

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