Navio2 drone school project

Hi i am fred and im from portugal. This post is about my school project, i want to build drone so far I only got a raspberry pi 3b and this next week the navio2 should arrive.
For the frame i was thinking of using dji f450/550 or maybe try to get tarrot frame like 680pro, from the posts i have seen it seems like cool project to do, i found this frames the most interesting for my project because im interested in building a drone for photography, ill be honest im new at building drones so still have lot of catching up to do i would appreciate any suggestions in what parts i need to get and what are the best components for the project i want to do, and any good tutorials to watch.

Hi Fred,

I’m also building my first drone - I’m using following components
F450 frame (not DJI; a copy)
Chaos 30A BL_Heli ESC x 4
EMAX MT2213 Motors
4 x 8045 Plastic Props (two yellow, two black)
Vibration damping set for RPi to sit on
FRsky RX8R and Taranis x9d plus transmitter

Plus some extra bits n bobs for wiring.
Found this a good helpful video:

Good luck with the school project! :slight_smile:

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