Navio2 drone flies up about 15ft and then comes down; no baro data being displayed

We launch our drone with the Navio2 and Mission Planner. It rises to about 15ft and then comes straight down. Mission Planner says there is no barometric pressure. Any idea why this might be happening?

See movie of a typical flight:{f}%3Fo%3DAgQImat38769HwtNjO5EMH221dAdhfxACoZxZZZqQxrt%26v%3D1%26x%3D3%26a%3DBfoJwl80Hm2UA1nwOwEA_wHIAP9BbGzd%26e%3D1497993132%26k%3D%24{uk}

Hi Daniel.
Which flight mode did you use in this video?
Had you covered barometer with a black foam or anything else?
Could you send me some log file with failure of barometer?
Thank you.

On the behalf of Daniel Barnette,
We used stabilize in the video and for all our tests.

We did 4 tests flights. 2 were uncovered, and 2 were covered. We noticed the same behavior for all 4 flights and across 3 Navio 2 boards we have. We dont know if it is occuring on the 4th board we have since we have not tested that board yet.

I am attaching the bin files for a flight that has the barometer covered and for a flight that has it uncovered.
Since I am new I cannot upload files.

Here is a link to the files.


Hi Prabodh_Jhaveri.
I have looked at your logs. Your copter was flying in auto mode:


You may read about log analysis.
Please, check settings. You might have turned on the auto mode accidentally.

Apologies for the confusion.

We had waypoints loaded into the quad. The quad flies perfectly fine manually in stabilize mode.

Once we wrote the waypoints we tried to make the quad fly in auto mode. For both modes we were not able to read altitude and in auto mode we were seeing the quad crash with that specific characteristic shown in the video.

Here is a image of the wapoints