Navio2, DragonLink and SBUS

In my Taranis with OpenTX 2.2.1 I had sbus configured to send frames every 7ms to its DragonLink Tx module. At 7ms I had occasional flaky operation with a Navio2 flight controller and Arduplane 3.8.4.

What I mean by flaky is that about every third time I booted the transmitter and the plane, no RC link was made. Most of the time a power cycle of either the Tx and or the plane fixed it and enabled a good RC link.

When I put the sbus frame back to 14ms in the Taranis the system boots successfully just about every time.

Anyone have a similar experience?




SBus rate is by default 72Hz, which is 14ms frame as you are having.
Yes, it could operate at a higher frequency, but we do not guarantee that the operation will be stable.
The absolute maximum is around 300Hz, though.

So, your experience is pretty normal.

Thanks Nikita for the comments. I put the SBUS rate back to 14ms and have had no problems since.


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