[Navio2] Does anyone know about Inertial Navigation System?

Hi, I am working on my middle school science project. And we need INS for manipulated variables. However because INS is super expensive ($500). I am just trying to make a simple calculating program with sensors which are already on Navio2 as ublox GNSS receiver, barometer, and IMU. That is how INS works, actually I called calculating program as dead reckoning. Is here any programmer who can just give me some advices?

Please just give me random ideas if you do not know much about INS. :slight_smile: It might be helpful!

Hello, @Andy_L
Navio2 have some examples with sensors.
Hope it help.

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Hi, thank you for reply.

What are those examples for? Sensors as how to connect?

This examples give you interface for manipulating data from sensors. You can read data from Accel, Baro, ublox and other sensors using python modules.

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