Navio2 data rate

Hi everyone !

I am working on a radio link to send data from the sensors on the Navio2 to Mission Planner. I use Xbee S5 (868MHz) and I configured them with 115200 kbps as baud rate.
The radio is able to connect Mission planner and sends data but with an important latency and after few minutes my radio stops receiving something.
I think maybe it is due to the duty cycle of 10%. I can’t change that parameter so maybe the thing wrong with my configuration is a wrong adaptability between the data rate sent by Navio2 through the UART port and the baud rate used by my radio modules. Or maybe something esle ? Can someone help me ?

And how can we know the data rate sent by the Navio2 and the structures of the frame when we run arducopter ?

Thank you for your help !

i found this site…never used such a module;
you could try decreasing some data in mission planner under “config/tuning tab” - “telemtry-rate line” before connecting …

Thank you for your reply.
I found how to deal with the duty cycle but the latency remains important. I’ll try what you said.