Navio2 Crossfire CRSF UART I2C SBUS

I am building a hexacopter using Navio2, RPI3b+, Arducopter, TBS Crossfire TX, TBS Diversity Nano RX, TBS Unify EVO VTX, Taranis X9D+ 2019, Mission Planner

Documentation in EMLID Docs and in TBS production documentation isn’t getting for a new RCer especially as it relates to pin connections and protocols (SBUS, CRSF, UART, I2C, MAVlink) and associated configuration . There are no tutorials or step by steps that I have found. Quite frustration to be honest.

Since the TBS products I am using have integrated telemetry and OSD I do NOT have separate telemetry modem.

So, what pins on the Unify EVO VTX go to the Diversity Nano RX or the Navio2 to get the telemetry data?
Do I use UART? I2C? or the SBUS on Navio2 rail?

This thread is already too long and I haven’t even gotten started…


Hi @joellogic,

According to Diversity Nano RX description, it supports SBUS, so you should be able to connect it to Navio2. In this part of our docs, you can find an example of connecting RC receiver to Navio2.

In regards to Unify EVO VTX, in its official documentation, it is described how to connect it to Crossfire receiver.

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