Navio2 Configuration & Parameter Files Location

Hi -

I have a Navio2 and it seems something has happened to the network connection. I’m unable to establish an IPV4 Address and make external requests due a failure to resolve issue. Anyway, I’m still able to establish an SSH connection and view files. The simplest solution is for me to re-image my raspberry pi. Before I do that I want to backup the configuration and parameter files I have been working on for my rover under Ardurover. I found the thread below but I don’t have any files there. Does anyone know where they are? I am unable to connect to my GCS due to the networking issue so downloading them from there is not an option.

I’m currently using Ardurover 3.5.1

Hi @beeeeee,

Could you please describe more specifically why you are unable to connect to GCS?

May I ask you to share the screenshot of your /etc/default/ardurover file?

I attempted to install a usb wifi adapter that’s not well supported on raspberry pi and it appears that I have damaged my drivers.

I’m out of time with this so i’m just going to re-image and tune all of the params again. It was perfect so it’s unfortunate that i did not backup the params when it was connecting properly.

If in fact someone knows where to get the params on the raspberry pi, please share for other’s benefit.

Hi @beeeeee,

You can find Ardupilot .stg files in /var/lib/ardupilot folder.

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