NAVIO2 co-processor

Hi everyone,

I’m using NAVIO2 and I have some doubts about the processor attached to the board (STMf103). I intend to use the NAVIO2 processor to make some external operations on my project, like to control peripherals outside the NAVIO2 board, but I read somewhere that the processor is just a co-processor and it’s designed to make certain operations like control PWM signal or the I/O ports, and the user are not able to program it. Is that true, or am I able to program it other ways?

I will appreciate any help, thanks.

Hi Henrique,

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Navio2’s STM32 can be used as a co-processor only. It was designed to handle the communication between Raspberry and Navio2’s PWM, I/O, ADC, PPM ports, and onboard sensors. It doesn’t run any algorithm and there’s no possibility to program the STM32F103.

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