Navio2 can't connect after Arduplane update

Hello all,
I’ve been using the Navio2 for a little while and I’ve had success drawing up plans using QGroundControl and Mission Planner. However, recently I ran into some calibration issues, and based on the talk I’ve seen online, updating Arduplane might fix things. The update did seem to fix the calibration issues, but now I can’t connect to the Navio2 any longer. Both my telemetry and UDP connections fail. I’ve used both QGroundControl and Mission Planner but neither can connect. I can confirm I can SSH to the raspberry pi and Arduplane is running - the light is flashing green. Has anyone noticed problems with Arduplane v3.9.8?


TELEM1="-A udp:192.168.###.###:14550"
TELEM2="-C /dev/ttyAMA0"

Options to pass to ArduPilot


I decided the best way to go forward was to reformat my Micro SD card and start over. However… after the update, the SD card isn’t readable anymore! I can’t get a computer to read the card and I can’t format it. Perhaps this is why the telemetry was failing?

Hi @danielb,

Which way did you try to reformat your Micro SD? If you used an adapter, please send a photo of it.

Also, a photo of your Navio2 configuration would be helpful.

Here’s my basic setup. My micro SD adapter is right behind the Navio2/raspi.

My windows laptop tried to format it to FAT, but it seemed clear to me that no format was going to work. My Apple computer couldn’t read it at all. I’ve since switched micro SD cards and I flashed the new one.

But even with the newly flashed card, I still can’t connect via Telemetry or UDP. Not sure what’s at fault here.

I should note that QGroundControl is giving me a different error this time around:

Alright, I’ve got it figured out. The telemetry connection failed because the update changed something with the telemetry module’s firmware version. I was able to fix this by booting up Mission Planner, going to SiK Radio in the Initial Setup tab, and hitting “Restore To Default”. Telemetry worked after this point.

The UDP connection failed because I had switched computers and I forgot to change the IP address in the /etc/default/arduplane file.

I still get a “you should update to 3.9.8” warning when I boot up QGroundControl, but I was able to calibrate everything properly this time, so I’ll pass on the update.

Hi @danielb,

Great to hear that you’ve managed to resolve the issue.

Thanks for sharing the solution with us!

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